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We're Creating Beautiful Coloring Page Sets!
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Here's how it works.
In addition to a FABULOUS package of coloring pages delivered digitally each month, you can earn commissions by telling your coloring friends about it! When they join, you earn $cash$, through 7 levels. (so, when they tell their coloring friends, and those friends also purchase, you earn more money!) 

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Yes Please! I want to Get Paid to Color!
I love getting notes like these:

"I LOVE this package!! I colored the cards and gave to my friends. They loved the personalized touch and I loved coloring them! Thank You Color Monthly!!"  
- Stephanie Ciola

"I'm so glad that you started this project! You've given me permission to go back to my childhood love of coloring. Yes, there are adult coloring books out there (and I have bought 1 in the past) but I prefer your color monthly packages because I get more variety and I love the fun, positive, uplifting quotes you use on the pages." - Tishia Lee

And For MORE Colorful Artistry...
(Use What You Create In Fun Ways!)

Relaxing Patterns: Chill Out!

I'm including a few pages made especially for 'chilling out'! Flowy, loose, easy designs that let the mind wander in that wonderful way.

These pages are great craft food too!  I like to use these colored pages as gift wrap for small items.

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